The pandemic ushered in a new era of work — and we discovered the right HR technology, AI, and automation was essential to doing more with less. So how will it enable us to thrive long-term? Watch expert-led sessions to learn about the latest cutting-edge technology, and how it will continue to evolve in 2021 and beyond.


Click the links below to watch our bingeable sessions from Day 3!

Embracing Authenticity: How HR Tech Helps Teams Hire for Diversity

Ellen Hughes, Customer Success Manager and
Lindsay Mareau
, Director of Sales Engineering, Phenom

Take Control of Your HR Tech Stack with Visibility and Automation

Tim Adair, Director, Product Management,
Chad Stieglitz
, Product Manager, and
Matt Braton
, Product Manager, Phenom

Bridging the Gap: Strengthening Connections Between Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Kumar Ananthanarayana, Director, Product Management,
Brandon Bookatz, Product Manager, and
Jesus Latorre-Socas, Product Manager, Phenom

Smart Automation Recipes: How to Put Recruiting on Auto-Pilot

Kevin Smith, Product Manager, and Ido Zur, Product Manager, Phenom

Dynamic Personalization: Improving the Candidate Journey, One Step at a Time

Kyle Hauber, Product Manager, and Brian Stepan, Product Manager, Phenom

Authentic Video: Embracing the Must-Have Tool for Today's Talent Experience

Dan Eggimann, Product Manager,  Seth Obenrader, National Account Manager, Phenom

The Role of AI in Skills Management and Career Pathing

John Deal, Director, Product Management and
Sumita Mehta, Senior Product Manager, Phenom

Chatbot 2.0: How Conversational AI is Transforming Omnichannel Recruiting

Andrew O'Brien, Product Manager,  
Deepti Yenireddy, VP of Chatbot, Phenom

Metrics that Matter: How to Leverage Analytics to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Suzi Mirchel, Training and Learning Specialist, Phenom