How can employers navigate hiring in today’s tight labor market? Watch expert-led sessions to find out how you can design a stand-out candidate experience that connects with job seekers — and supercharges hiring.


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From PTO to WFH: The Incentives Today’s Candidates Really Want

Keca Ward, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, Phenom, and

Brian Stepan, Senior Product Manager, Phenom

Johnsonville’s Recruiter Handbook for Hyper Hiring

Tim Roose, MIS Business Partner, Johnsonville

Hiring For Talent Experience: How to Create Powerful & Effective Job Descriptions

David Chorvinsky, Product Manager, Phenom, and
Gabi Zitman, Sr. Director International Enterprise Customer Success, Phenom

Leveraging Analytics to Optimize Your Top-of-Funnel Hiring Strategies

Suzi Mirchel, Training and Learning Specialist, Phenom, and,

Dan Eggimann, Director, Product Management, Phenom