To build connections with talent and fill roles fast, recruiters will need to embrace AI and automation — and a new way of work. Tune into expert-led sessions to discover the latest tech that automates tedious tasks, highlights best-fit candidates, and gives you more time to focus on strategic work.


Click the links below to watch our bingeable sessions from Day 3!

The Augmented Recruiter: AI, Automation, and the Evolution of Recruiting

Benoit Hardy-Vallée, Phenom AVP of Talent Experience Strategy, Phenom

Ahead of Schedule: How Thermo Fisher Scientific is Booking Interviews Faster with Automation

Amy Ritter, Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition Operations, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Automating Events: How To Hire in 24 Hours & Optimize ROI

Derek Murphy-Johnson, Senior Manager of Talent Attraction, KinderCare

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Sean O’Donnell, Product Manager, Phenom

Lights, Camera, Action: How Video is Changing the Interview Game

Ljuba Bogdanovich, Senior Director of International CS, Phenom, and

Sebastian Hust, Sr. Director of Talent Experience Strategy, Phenom

Building a Data-Driven Personal Recruitment Strategy

Suzi Mirchel, Training and Learning Specialist, Phenom, and,
Chelcie Gabrielson, Customer Success Manager, Phenom