Employees expect more from their jobs today — but how can organizations deliver? Grab actionable takeaways from the industry’s top leaders as they share fresh strategies for developing and engaging employees in a hybrid world.


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The Great Trifecta: Designing the New Playbook for Employee Experience

Lindsay Mareau, Sr. Director and Manager of Solutions Consulting, Phenom

Newell Brands’ Plan For a Red Carpet Employee Experience

Ashley Blackmore, Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition, Newell Brands

The Inside Gig: How Sharing Untapped Talent Across Boundaries Unleashes Organizational Capacity

Edie Goldberg, PhD., Talent Strategist and author of "The Inside Gig"

Reinventing Employee Development With a Talent Marketplace

Shelia Gray, VP of Talent Acquisition, Quadient

Two Out of Three Employees Want This Talent Practice Right Now

Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst and Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Cultivating a Culture Where Employees Learn & Thrive

Christine Kensey, Senior Director, Global Organizational Effectiveness, Phenom

The Sky’s the Limit: Inside Southwest’s Employee Referral Program

Kelby Tansey, Team Lead, Recruitment Marketing, Southwest, and
Tyler Hagood, Team Leader, Sourcing and SWA Staffers, Southwest

Forecasting Employee Movement & Churn with Analytics

Suzi Mirchel, Training and Learning Specialist, Phenom, and

Brendan Reilly, Senior Manager, Customer Success, Phenom

Listen & Learn: Data-Driven Approaches for Your Hybrid Work Model

Jenna Filipkowski, PhD and Senior Engagement Strategist of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York