Bridging the Gap: Strengthening Connections Between Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Kumar Ananthanarayana, Director, Product Management,
Brandon Bookatz, Product Manager, and
Jesus Latorre-Socas, Product Manager, Phenom

Talent acquisition and discovery relies on clear communication and strong collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers. With so many tasks on the table, like defining the role, mapping the required skills, attracting top talent, screening countless candidates, scheduling multiple interviews, and making critical decisions, any disconnect between recruiters and hiring managers can increase time-to-hire and decrease quality-of-hire.

We’re excited to introduce new innovations at Phenom, like our Hiring Manager Portal, which bridge the gap between recruiters and hiring managers. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to empower hiring managers with new tools, from requisition configuration to final decision
  • How to automate time-wasting tasks and workflows to keep candidates moving forward
  • How actionable insights, centralized dashboards and real-time notifications eliminate information bottlenecks
  • How to integrate hiring into your everyday apps, like Microsoft Teams

Kumar Ananthanarayana

Director, Product Management, Phenom

Brandon Bookatz

Product Manager, Phenom

Jesus Latorre-Socas

Product Manager, Phenom

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