Dynamic Personalization: Improving the Candidate Journey, One Step at a Time

Kyle Hauber, Product Manager, and
Brian Stepan, Product Manager, Phenom

Dynamic personalization enables talent acquisition professionals to provide every candidate with a customized experience based on skills, interests, background, location and unique stage in the job-searching journey.

Personalization is key for attracting candidates who begin the process, leave your career site, and return days later, as well as retaining those who join your talent community, create a candidate profile, and complete an application.

The enhanced experience design helps candidates move through your organization's hiring process faster, and it improves key metrics like decreasing time to hire and increasing quality of hire.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How content personalization works in talent experience
  • What’s required to get started with 1-to-1 personalization
  • How to source and strategically use content, especially video
  • What the future holds for technology and the candidate journey

Kyle Hauber

Product Manager, Phenom

Brian Stepan

Product Manager, Phenom

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