Smart Automation Recipes: How to Put Recruiting on Auto-Pilot

Kevin Smith, Product Manager and
Ido Zur, Product Manager, Phenom

Recruiters and talent acquisition professionals are tasked with discovering, screening, and managing thousands and thousands of candidates, often with limited team bandwidth and disparate systems.

There’s a simple solution to this growing challenge: clone your recruiters.

OK, OK, we're not there … yet, but while we wait for cloning technology to catch up, we can tap into automation to help put critical hiring workflows on auto-pilot. As organizations prepare for ebbs and flows of hiring activity, automation can help build a stronger pipeline, even before jobs are posted.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How AI and automation helps recruiters meet critical hiring demands
  • What tools are available to begin sourcing for roles that may not exist yet
  • Specific automation recipes can recruiters start using

Kevin Smith

Product Manager, Phenom

Ido Zur

Product Manager, Phenom

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