Take Control of Your HR Tech Stack with Visibility and Automation

Tim Adair, Director, Product Management,
Chad Stieglitz, Product Manager, and
Matt Braton, Product Manager, Phenom

Between your ATS, HRIS, CRM, and a slew of point solutions, it’s difficult to craft and manage a system that maintains security and data integrity. These integrations can seem like they're bound by custom code, leaving IT teams at the mercy of external developers if a connection fails. Plus, without transparency, visibility and alerting, issues are often caught well after automations have broken and data is lost.

Enter Phenom's Integrations Experience. Phenom is developing a centralized hub where HR teams and partners can seamlessly link Phenom’s Talent Experience Management platform with their full stack. In Phenom's Integrations Experience, you’ll be able to:

  • Seamlessly integrate Phenom with your ATS, HRIS, and favorite apps using an intuitive “no-code” interface.
  • Save time using pre-configured automation and workflow templates.
  • Monitor integration success with real-time alerts and reporting.  
  • Enhance data transparency and awareness.
  • Tap into an intuitive form builder to craft multi-step applications, lead generation, event registration forms, and more.


Director, Product Management, Phenom

Chad Stieglitz

Product Manager, Phenom

Matt Braton

Product Manager, Phenom

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