The Role of AI in Skills Management and Career Pathing

John Deal, Director, Product Management and
Sumita Mehta, Senior Product Manager, Phenom

Skills are the building blocks of talent. For internal talent, maintaining and acquiring new skills are critical to mobility. Career pathing and succession planning is made possible by analyzing your teams’ existing experiences and skills and identifying gaps within the organization.

With over 80,000 skills in our database, Phenom recognizes that managing this breadth of data manually isn’t tenable. In this session, we’ll discover how skills at scale can be leveraged across the talent lifecycle. You’ll learn how:

  • Skills are categorized and related to each other
  • You can discover and collect the skills of your candidates and employees
  • Career pathing and succession planning leverages skills to find the right fit

John Deal

Director, Product Management, Phenom

Sumita Mehta

Senior Product Manager,

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