Have questions about IAMHR? We've got answers!
Where do I watch IAMHR?

You’re at the right place! Log into iamhr.phenom.com using the email address you registered with.

Haven’t registered yet? Sign up here now: https://www.phenom.com/iamhr#register

I'll get SHRM and HRCI credits for attending, right?

Right! You can receive up to 9 SHRM and 3.25 HRCI credits for viewing IAMHR sessions. You'll receive credit codes once the event wraps up. In case you're wondering, IAMHR is open to the public, but your in-advance registration guarantees access to on-demand content and SHRM credits.

Your past events have given me chances to interact with the speakers — will IAMHR do the same?

There will be no live interaction for this event, but you can contact us here if you have any questions!

I might be unable to attend all three days — how can I make sure I don't miss anything?

All sessions will be available on demand so you can watch at any time — simply log in to the IAMHR event hub, and binge away!

What if I'm running late — can I register after IAMHR begins?

Not a problem. You can register HERE at any time. You’ll receive a link to log into the IAMHR event hub where you can view sessions on demand.

Will IAMHR's sessions have closed captioning?

We've got you! All event sessions will have closed captions.

I’m experiencing technical issues — can you help me out?

Technical difficulties seem inevitable, right!?

Try refreshing your browser, and even restarting your computer. Here are some backup audio plans, just in case:

- Make sure your speakers are on, and turn up the volume across all of your apps and devices (media player, computer, etc.)
- On-demand sessions will have an option that'll help your volume. Click the settings button in the bottom right corner of the video player and select a different quality.

Now you're at the end of this FAQ page, but that doesn't mean we're not standing by to help! Send a note to marketing@phenompeople.com if you have additional questions or need support. We'll get back to you soon!